On March 6-8, 2012, Center for Biodiversity and Development (CBD), under Institute of Tropical Biology Ho Chi Minh City in cooperation with The Norwegian Institute for Environment and Agriculture Research (Bioforsk)- Norway organized a Communication Training course for conservation at Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap province. The training course is funded by Bioforsk.

The objectives of the Training course are to develop communication tools and skills for conservation organizations, Management Boards of Special Use Forest to improve the communication activities for biodiversity conservation and environmental protection in Mekong delta region.

Participants of the training course included 35 communication officials and scientists from several agencies and organizations in southern areas such as Tram Chim NP, Nui Chua NP, Bidoup Nui Ba NP, Lang Sen NR, U Minh Thuong NP, U Minh Ha NP, Phu Quoc NP, Bac Lieu sanctuary NR, Lung Ngoc Hoang NR, Mui Ca Mau NP, Hon Dat - Kien Ha protection forest Management unit, Vietnam River Network, Institute of Oceanography and Center for Biodiversity and Development.

In the first day, (Mar 6, 2012) the training course focused on introduction and sharing experience on communication activities for conservation such as how to identify group targets, principles in communication, how to transfer message effectively, building up a long term reputation. The participants also learnt how to manage and edit pictures using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 software as well as conduct communication for conservation via internet.

In the second day, a field trip to Tram Chim National Park was organized. Participants were split into two groups. Group 1 was gave a practical task of introduction biodiversity and community living around the Tram Chim NP using posters and video clips. Group 2 conducted a short communication program on the project titled “Landscape and sustainable livelihood development in Tram Chim NP” by building up a website.

In the last day, the two groups made website/presentations based on information from field trip. Comments and suggestions of lecturers for each group’s presentation are key questions to plenary discussion. The last section of the training course was spent to discuss on a communication manual for protected areas in Viet Nam. Outline of the communication manual and next steps were agreed based on input from participants 

Here are some photos of the Training course:

Welcome speech of Dr Vu Ngoc Long – Director of CBD cum Vice director of ITB.

 Mr Nguyen Van Hung, director of Tram Chim NP, giving the opening speech

Lecture on Picture management , by Dr. Morten Gunther- Bioforsk

Dr. Ola- Bioforsk presented about ‘‘Combination of means in communication”

 Participants of the Training course (Group 1)

Participants of the Training course (Group 2)

Discussion and building up a communication manual for protected areas in Viet Nam"



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