The new species: Shea’s Forest Skink (Sphenomorphus sheai) was described as new species to science based on specimens that collected from Kon Tum Plateau by Nguyễn Vũ Khôi and Van Devender. This species has size small (SVL 35.2 mm); external ear openings absent; midbody scales in 20 rows; dorsal scales smooth, paravertebral scales 53, not widened; limbs short, pentadactyl; dorsum and tail base bronze brown with dark dots; dorsolateral light stripe present on neck, shoulder and anterior part of dorsum; upper zone of lateral head and flank with a narrow black stripe.

Sphenomorphus sheai sp. nov. Photo R. W. Van Devender.

The authors compared Sphenomorphus sheai with several species that have midbody scale counts fewer than 26 rows: Sphenomorphus stellatus (22–24 rows), S. tridigitus (18–20 rows), S. tetradactylus (20 rows). Sphenomorphus sheai different from S. stellatus by having a smaller size, fewer lamellae under fourth toe. In S. tridigitus and S. tetradactylus, forelimb has three and four digits, respectively but S. sheai has five digits in forelimb.

The Shea’s Forest Skink can be found at nearby stream in secondary forest in Kon Tum Plateau, at elevation 1025 m above sea level. With this new species, the number species of Sphenomorphus of Vietnam is 12 species.

Van Bang

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