• Thursday, November 5, 2009

Club of Black-shanked Douc was established in May 08, 2009. The initial step of the Club is to conduct activities of Green Club in Secondary Schools.

Members of this Club include 12 teachers, member of Youth Union, and all pupils of secondary schools in five communes: Ham Minh, Ham Cuong, Quy Thuan, Tan Thanh, Tan Thuan and Thuan Nam. These teachers are core persons in forming the Green Clubs at schools. They were participated in trainings courses on "Skills and methods of working with Community and Environmental Education in Biodiversity" organized by CBD (Center for biodiversity andDevelopment) and Takou Natural Reserve.

In October 22, a Club of Black- shanked Douc held an exchangemeeting with Ham Minh secondary school. In addition to school’s music repertoires, there are also the program "Fun to learn" organizedby Green Club.

Main contents of the meeting:


·        Introduction of forest types in Vietnam

·        Transferring knowledge of Biological diversity in general and Biodiversity of Takou Natural Reserve in particular, with vivid images, combined with picture quizzes for students.

·        Giving gifts for student who raised the right answer in order todraw their interest.

·        After the exchange, five high schools proposed to organize theClub like this at their schools.

·        Pictures of the meeting:


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