As the news about individual Gaurs which often have appeared in Buffer zone of Phuoc Binh National Park, Ninh Thuan Province since June 2009, these Gaurs now get used to hunting for food together with domestic cows.(as picture below).


Photo: Phuoc Binh National Park

A staff of Technical Department in Phuoc Binh National Park- Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan said that the National Park has mobilizedofficers and residents of buffer zone (about hundreds of people) for making big noises to drive these wild animals back into the forest butthey do not seem to be scared.

The protection of these individual gaurs meets obstacles since theNational Park currently lacks of human resources while the forest areais so large. Forest rangers should become reluctant "shepherds" to tend these gaurs.

The fact that visiting of male Gaurs to the grazing land ofdomestic cows can make hybridization as well as cross-bred cows with high good quality because of Gaurs’ big size and weight. However, if the cows are infected by hoof-and-mouth disease, the risk of spreading disease from them to the regional Gaurs are also very high. We have not had any warnings about this risk in the region so far.


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